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Among the many lessons my mom has taught me, this is one that I reflect on most often. For a type-A, first born like me, who has checklists for her checklists and always wants to see the finish line, those words can be intimidating! Rooted Oak Photography & Design was born out of the desire to truly live out those words myself and chase after what brings me joy, while also helping you revel in and cherish all the joys found in your own journey, whether those be the big, life-changing moments of bliss or the small, daily moments of happiness. I am so grateful to all of the clients - now friends - that have trusted me with preserving these moments in their lives, from Christmas card photos to graduation celebrations to first kisses as husband and wife. Each of our journeys is unique, memorable...and worth preserving. Through my work, I hope I can be a small part of your story and help you do just that. Capturing the now...forever.

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ROPD Website Update (1).png
ROPD Website Update (1).png

Of the many photos scattered around our home, this is one that I look at daily, without fail. It’s not what you would consider an exceptional photo - the lighting isn’t perfect, the composition is slightly skewed, the pose not the most flattering. But the emotion and memory that this photo evokes is more priceless to me than the most perfectly posed and edited photo could ever be. This photo may not be exceptional to most - but it is to me. It is my grandad captured forever. And not just his likeness, but him - relaxed and smiling in the sunshine in one of his beloved golf shirts (tucked in of course!) and golf hat. When I look at this photo, I don’t just remember my grandad...I remember the man he was and the legacy he left behind. When I look at this photo, I feel joy.

I share all of this to say - photos matter. A lot. In times of gladness, in times of new beginnings, in times of loss, in times of anticipation, in times of change, in times of profound joy. Sometimes, we smile fondly at the memories they preserve. Other times, we cling desperately to their power to transport us to better times. Photos protect and sustain our memories and, on a larger scale, our lives - the expressions, the postures, the places, the experiences that make us, and those we love, who we are. This is why I am a photographer.

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I launched Rooted Oak Photography & Design in the fall of 2017 from our home on my husband's family farm in Norway, SC (population 337) after spending five years in the classroom as a special education teacher. Known as the "family historian," I've always found such joy from  capturing my own memories with my family and friends,  but it wasn't until college that I began to seriously think about using my passion and talent (undeveloped at the time!) to help others do the same. Many years later, taking the chance to fully chase after a dream I'd quietly held for so many years wasn't without its challenges, but I am so, so thankful I took that leap of faith...and was also blessed with a beautiful family property for many of my earliest sessions!

My husband, Josh, and I now live in beautiful Mount Pleasant with our newborn baby boy Bowen and his very protective older brother, our spaniel/lab mix named Tradd. Needless to say, I've had to up my phone memory and buy an extra hard drive or two since Bowen came onto the scene! When I am not photographing his latest milestone or monthly update, I hope to put my passion to use for you and your family!

I can't pass a bookstore without going in, am known for always having a Diet Coke in hand (or within reach), never get tired of reruns of The Office, and am working on cutting back on the exclamation points (no promises though!)! I'm always up for a meeting over Mexican, was voted most likely to always have a camera handy in high school (nothing has changed there!), and most importantly, I can't wait to meet you and for our journeys to overlap. 

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ROPD Website Update (1).png
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