"The journey is the joy." 

Among the many lessons my mom has taught me, this is one that I reflect on most often. For a type-A, first born like me, who has checklists for her checklists, those words can be intimidating! Rooted Oak Photography & Design was born out of the desire to truly live out those words myself, while also helping you revel in and cherish all the joys found in your own journey, whether those be the big, life-changing moments of bliss or the small, daily moments of happiness. 

To me, photography has always been the art of preservation and there is nothing quite like looking back at a photo and being overwhelmed with what you were feeling in that moment. Through my work, that is my wish for you. 


My name is Caitlin Fort    I want to help preserve your journey.


Raised outside of Charleston, home is now the quaint town of Norway (population 324), where I live on a beautiful family farm with my husband, Josh, and

                        our two spoiled pups, Levon

& Peter.

[Yes, I offer sessions here...

 I can't pass a bookstore without going in, am known for always having a Diet Coke in hand (or within reach), never get tired of reruns of The Office, and am working on cutting back on the exclamation points (no promises though!)! I'm always up for a meeting over Mexican, was voted most likely to always have a camera handy in high school (nothing has changed there!), and most importantly, I can't wait to meet you and for our journeys to overlap.

...which may include a P&L sighting!]

Whatever moment you want to preserve or story you want to tell, I am here to help make it happen! To see some of the journeys I've already helped capture, click the images below.

Rooted Oak Photography & Design was a distant dream I kept quietly to myself, buried deep within that corner we all have full of "What ifs..." until I finally took the leap, thanks to the patient persistence and encouragement of my husband. This part of my journey is challenging, exciting, and most importantly...full of joy. 

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