My promises to you

I've been in your shoes, trust me! I know what it's like to be nervous about finding a photographer who will capture your special moments the way you envision. I've been there. I also know what I've loved and didn't quite love about photographers I've used in the past. Those experiences guide how I interact with you, my client.

I promise to put forth the time to learn about you, your family, your experiences, and your vision for how you want your moments to be preserved. You are not "just another client" to me - you are a person with a journey I want to get to know!

I promise to listen to your ideas, needs, and wishes and not be the sole voice guiding our conversations. If you don't see your true self reflected in my work, I haven't done my job. 

I promise to stay in constant communication with you and keep you updated on the progress of your product. I know your excitement to see the final version and share it with family & friends!

I promise to capture not only the posed moments, but those candid, relaxed moments in between, where the true beauty of life is found.

I promise to bring laughter and joy to all of our interactions - you should feel comfortable and natural in all of the time we spend together.

I promise to exhibit professionalism, grace, and quality both in my work and our interactions at all times. You have put your faith in me to preserve some of the most precious moments of your life - you deserve nothing but the best.

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