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Your heirloom experience...

Please take a few moments to review the information below prior to your heirloom session. I hope this answers any questions you may have, but always feel free to reach out at any point before your session to get clarification for anything! My goal is for this experience to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for you and your children, while also capturing priceless portraits that you will cherish forever! 


What to Expect

Heirloom portraits require a bit more set-up than a typical outdoor family session. This includes a backdrop, studio lighting, and a stool. The large studio light can sometimes be a bit scary for little ones so if we need to take some time to sit and get comfortable before we start snapping photos, that's perfectly fine! Also, the nature of how the photos are shot allows you to be near your child at all times, so come in comfy clothes and be prepared to sit on the floor and help guide them, as needed. Please bring a toy, stuffed animal, or other prized item of your child's to use as a comfort if needed.

Preparing the Kids 

It is also helpful to "prep" your little ones beforehand by explaining to them what will happen at the shoot and what they can expect. Talk to them excitedly about it and get them involved! Allow them to think of it as a special adventure or experience just for them! Ask for any special photos they'd like taken, such as a silly face or a photo with a special toy. The more they know what to expect beforehand, the better! 


Tricks for Smiles 

Let me know of any characters/songs/videos that will get smiles and happy reactions from your kiddos. If I can have them queued up and ready to go, it helps them to look in my direction and interact positively with the camera. Another trick I use often is holding up a video of themselves or a family member talking and/or laughing. Hearing a familiar voice gets them to look really well! Our last resort (and my secret weapon!) is always Facetime so have someone on standby that they would want to look at and talk to! 

Dress Code

You only need to worry about the top half of your little one - something with a high neck or collar typically looks best so you can clearly see they have a shirt on. Also a neutral color is best! For girls, a bow always helps provide good balance to the portraits, but is not necessary. Let me know if you want to see examples or get feedback on anything you’ve chosen! 


Don't Sweat It! 

Every child handles having their heirloom photos taken differently. Some will sit right down, cooperate, and knock their photos out within five minutes. Others will squirm, pout, and make us use every trick in the book to capture a smile.  Whatever version of your child shows up on your portrait day - don't let them see you sweat! If you stay calm, cool, and collected, they will follow your lead. Don't worry about their behavior and how long it's taking them to get comfortable and if I'm judging your frowning children (trust me, I'm not!). 

After Your Session

Within a few days of your session, you'll receive a gallery with 20-25 unedited proofs from your session. From those, you will choose your six favorites, which will be edited into final versions in either black&white or color, your choice. Your gallery of proofs will include detailed instructions for selecting and sending me your favorites. You know your child's personality and expressions the best and I want the final images to reflect that! 

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