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Outfit Tips

Try to only put one person in a pattern! If you are a fan of fun prints like me, pick out one patterned outfit for yourself or a family member then build other outfits around it.

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Don't worry about matching everyone in the exact same thing! Build your outfits around one or two solid colors, by selecting different shades of the same. Consider adding fun pops of accent color with accessories such as a scarf or necklace.

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Ask for help! Don't know where to begin or completely overwhelmed with choices? I'm here to guide you and am happy to give feedback on your ideas! Feel free to reach out at any time for advice or to share snapshots of clothing and accessories you've selected so far.

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Make sure your pockets are empty so all of your clothes lay correctly! I am happy to hold onto your phone, keys, and any other items you've brought with you during your session!

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Beauty isn't pain! Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable during your session in clothes or shoes that don't fit quite right. Make sure everyone in your family is able to move and stand with ease in their clothing! 


Don't forget...some rules are meant to be broken! These are just some of my recommendations, but they aren't hard and fast rules. Your photos should represent your personality, your spark, your passion so don't forget to have fun with your outfits and allow them to truly reflect you! 

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