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Preparing for your Session

My goal for your session is not only to capture priceless memories that your family will cherish for years to come...but also for your family to, simply, have fun together! I want to capture the very essence of your family, the love and joy you share. During our time, I will take a combination of posed photos as well as candids. I use a method called "prompting" that not only makes the session super fun, but gets the best natural expressions.   Please let me know if you have any questions I can answer before your session!

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Your Vision

Prior to your session, think about any "must-have" poses or photos you'd like to have. Also think through the combinations you'd like (for example: just mom and kiddos; individuals of kiddos; just mom & dad; etc.). We will make sure to fit in everything you'd like during your session and we will quickly chat beforehand to make sure I know what you're looking for. 

Getting those Smiles!

Let me know of any characters/songs/videos that will get smiles and happy reactions from your kiddos. If I can have them queued up and ready to go, it helps them to look in my direction and interact positively with the camera. Another trick I use often is holding up a video of themselves or a family member talking and/or laughing. Hearing a familiar voice gets them to look really well! 

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Keeping Kiddos Happy

Let me know privately at the start of your session if you're using any positive behavior reinforcement with your kiddos, such as any special treat they'll receive afterward. If you're not using one that's completely fine too! It just helps get smiles and cooperation if I can reference it during the shoot. 

Crafting your Clothes

If you need any "tips or tricks" for planning and/or matching outfits, please let me know! I'm also happy to take a peek at your outfit options beforehand and give feedback on what will photograph best. Click here to review more information about my outfit tips!

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Prepare the Fam! 

My goal is for your session to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, but it's always a good idea to take time to make sure your family is in the best possible mood for your photos! Making sure everyone is well-fed and well-rested (this includes husbands!) can go a long way to ensuring we get the most out of our time together. 

It is also helpful to "prep" your little ones beforehand by explaining to them what will happen at the shoot and what they can expect. Take them excitedly about it and get them involved! Ask for any special photos they'd like taken, such as a photo on daddy's shoulders. 

Don't Stress. 

I get it...I've been in your shoes wrangling a spouse and kiddo to get to a photo session on time, while making sure all of us were beautifully dressed and prepared to flash a perfect, loving smile! I know it's's can take the fun out of it and make you just want to get the session over with. But don't let it! Life is messy, it is doesn't always match our plans or vision. But life is also beautiful, captivating, full of love and precious memories that fly by so very, very fast. Don't worry about who's not looking and who has a stain on their jeans and if I'm judging your pouting children (trust me, I'm not!). Focus on the relationships, the love, the fleeting moments of bliss with your family and let me take care of the rest. 

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Promise me that and I promise that you will walk away with a gallery that perfectly captures your messy, imperfect, beautiful, vibrant family. 

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