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When you sit down to look at the gallery of your wedding, whether it be for the first time or in fifty years on your anniversary, I want you to be overcome by the memories of love and joy that surrounded you on that special day.  I want you to be surprised by some of the candid moments that were captured, enthralled by the happiness on the faces of you, your partner, and your family, and simply unable to pick a favorite (or two, or three...). I want you to feel exactly what you felt on that day. 

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While I always look forward to the big day must-haves (the first kiss, dances with mom and dad, your grand exit at the end of the night), I live for what I call the "sweet in-betweens". Those quiet, intimate moments in between the grand, public ones of a wedding that truly reflect you and your partner. These are the moments I aim to capture for you... 

Listening to the sweet words of the bride's baby sister welcoming the groom into the family.

A wedding party carefully sneaking the bride into the building before the ceremony.

A quiet moment between the groom and one of the youngest in his family.

Silene + Scott-340.jpg

A brand new husband signing his marriage certificate with some new bling!

Sweet friends praying words of hope and encouragement over a bride.

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And my all-time personal favorite...that moment immediately following the ceremony where you both can breathe a sweet sigh of relief and relish the love of your wedding party, family...and each other. 

Take a peek at Rooted Oak weddings from start to finish! 

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