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When you book a session with Rooted Oak, you get so much more than a 30+ minute session at a beautiful location and photos you can quickly share on social media or print as your Christmas card. You are receiving precious family heirlooms that months from now will be proudly displayed on your walls and in albums, years from now will be cherished by your children fondly thinking back to their family memories, decades from now will be admired by grandchildren and great-grandchildren recalling stories and memories of past generations. A photograph capturing the now in your life is truly valuable forever. 

All packages are completely customizable to fit your needs and vision for your session - no shoot or event is exactly the same and, when you reach out, you will receive a quote designed precisely for what you are looking for!

Starting prices are detailed below - however, if you have unique circumstances (elopement, small number of photos needed), your quote may be lower! 

Additionally, extra fees may be added for portrait sessions with 8+ people and/or locations more than 30 miles form the Charleston area.

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Standard weddings packages begin at $1,000. Packages can include engagement and/or bridal photos, but I'm also happy to provide a separate quote for these. 

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Portrait packages (which include family, lifestyle, and/or branding sessions) begin at $75. 



Coverage of events (birthday parties, reunions, gender reveals, etc.) begin at $150.

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Real Estate

The cost of real estate photography is based on property square footage and starts at $150.

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